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My Grandma's Guardianship Story

Cell Phone Candids of my Grandma with me

I hope this website will present how my grandma came to be under the guardianship of her daughters. As well as tell what happened to her once her daughters were appointed guardianship.

40 DAYS W/ HER GUARDIANS (5/12/22-6/21/22)

Multiple Hospitalizations

Multiple Baker Acts

2 Missing Person Reports

18 calls for police service  

Mental Hospital Admittance

Abruptly isolated from granddaughter

Transferred to a long-term memory care facility

30 DAYS W/ ME (2/18/22 -3/14/22)

0 Hospitalizations

0 Baker Acts

0 Missing Person Reports

Requested and receptive to in-home psych-care

No Isolation

Thrived independently w/ support services

THIS WEEK'S 7/24/22 -7/30/22 GOAL'S

#1 Visit my grandma (it's been 8 weeks since I've seen her)

#2 Find out where my grandma is (her guardians still ignore my emails, text and phone calls)


#1 If I find my grandma and she is happy, then request a visitation order from the courts.

#2 If I find my grandma and she is not happy. Respectfully, request her guardians find better accommodations. If they deny my request, turn to the courts' for help. 

Timeline of events coming soon!!!

Timeline will include but will not be limited to the following:

Court hearings, orders, and petitions

Attempts I made to get her daughters to get my grandma and her assets protected

Dates my grandma's guardian(s) denied my grandma senior-friendly accommodations, essential needs, and support services.

Dates my grandma's guardian(s)blocked my efforts (sometimes through physical intimidation and threat) to deliver senior-friendly accommodations, essential needs, and support services to my grandma.

Witness statements 

Witness statements from individuals who observed my grandma's thriving well-being while in my company and while visiting my home.

Dates and details of police encounter at my grandma's home

Dates and details of my grandma's disappearances

Telephone, email, and in-person communications between myself and my grandma's court-appointed attorney Katherine Naugle Telephone, email, and in-person communications between court staff, attornies, DCF, and JSO

Dates and details surrounding incidences where my grandma's guardians failed to execute their duties and responsibilities a guardians

Other Information

My Grandma

The last phone call I had with my grandma 5/29/22

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