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FAQs - Justice for Erma

Why I felt my grandmother needed a guardian

I believed my grandmother was at risk of DCF intervention. Not because my grandmother was incapable of living on her own, but because her daughters refused to get her what she needed such as a landline telephone, senior-friendly cell phone, medical care, support services, part-time helper). Essentially, I just wanted my grandmother, to have the things seniors her age require to live in their home independently. 

Why I didn't call DCF

My grandmother just spent the last 70 years of her life making sure every kid she knew had a place to go. My grandmother was the person who saved kids (like me) from getting put under the custody of  F.  As a little girl with a single 18-year-old father; I can recall a few incidences when my grandparents were summoned by police (sometimes late at night) to come to pick up their granddaughter. My grandmother not only showed up for me, but she silenced my grandfather from ever chastising my father in my presence. She knew I was sensitive and didn't want me to feel shame about what had just occurred. My grandmother never wanted me to feel like I was a burden to her and my grandfather. I spent all the money going to the courts because I didn't want my 82-year-old grandmother being a DCF case number.  On 5/31/22, roughly ten days after her daughters became her guardians, my grandmother became the subject of a DCF report.

The reason I waited until March 2022 to apply for guardianship

I applied for guardianship two weeks after I found out she was outside of guardianship.  I gave her daughters a two-week deadline to get with a guardianship attorney. They refused, which meant I had to do it myself.

From my grandfather's death (10/27/21) up until March 3, 2022, I was made to believe; that my grandmother's oldest daughter Debbie was her guardian. It was not until 3/3/22, during a conversation, with Debbie, that she finally confessed that she was not my grandmother's guardian. Debbie told me my grandmother had no guardian, power of attorney, or health surrogate.

FAQs - Justice for Erma

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