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Kristen Sanders with Home Roots
Kristen Sanders with Home Roots

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Photography by Brandi Hill's Review for Home Roots: 

Hiring Kristin for her interior designing service was the single best decision I made in 2018. I had no idea how a disorganized, undecorated home can impact you in your personal and professional life. As a busy entrepreneur, I have always been too busy to make my house a home. I have avoided hosting friends and family in my home because I was embarrassed by its hodge-podge, college dorm room vibe. While I have always enjoyed finding cool furniture and art while thrifting. I cannot for the life of me envision the "bigger picture." My indecisiveness prevents me from coherently pulling it all together. KRISTIN IS THE OPPOSITE!! SHE JUST inherently KNOWS what to do with all your little "pieces and keepsakes." Hiring Kristin was an "experience." I say this because she becomes your friend throughout the entire process. She truly listens to my wants, my worries, and even my dislikes. We texted one another ideas, and pictures of pieces, and materials. She was always open and not-judgemental. When Kristin finally arrived. She came with her very own thrift store finds for my house. Because I shared photos of my home she truly found things she knew would be a good match---she was right on all her instincts. On the day of the re-design, I left Kristin as not to distract an artist at work. Within 9 hours Kristin single-handily transformed my itsy bitsy hodge-podge apartment into a high-end luxury space! You can see in the photos it is something out of a magazine! The most amazing part was she used everything I already had!! I have never felt prouder to bring people into my home. Also- if you are worried about distance dont be!! So much of the work can be done through text and email and pictures. When she arrives the day of the transformation she is good to go!

Why Brandi chose Kristin as an interior designer...

After purchasing a piece of artwork on Home Roots Etsy page. I started following Kristin's Home Roots Instagram page. For over a year I admired the artwork Kristin presented on Instagram. As a professional photographer myself, I was especially drawn to the way Kristin photographed her artwork while it displayed or hung on walls in her home. Over time these images of her "artwork" revealed more and more of the interior of her home. She even posted pictures showing the staging of her home. She often featured her newest thrift store find. I was in love with the personalized flair she had in stylizing her home. It was self-evident Kristin had a natural eye I knew I wanted her to design the interior of my house. However, I worried distance would be an issue. I lived in Florida. Luckily, Kristin did offer this service, and she was able to gather a lot of information about my space through me emailing her measurements of my home, photos and even text messages. In fact, she spent about 90% of her time getting to know ME through this exchanging of ideas. A month or so later, once she arrived at my home in Florida, she was all hands on deck and ready to get to work!!

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